Hedgehog Candy Pouch

Hedgehog Candy Pouch | Homan at Home

A few years ago I did these cute candy mice printables. I kind of loved them, and they were pretty popular. This year, I revisited the design, but with my new favorite animal: the hedgehog. This little guy is just the right size for gifting fun sized candy bars or packets. He also fits 4 Jolly Ranchers, which as you can see from the picture, is what was around my house.

We have a ton of Jolly Ranchers because once we tried to be healthy. Hear me out on this one: a while back, we saw a nutritionist who kindly attempted to address our sweet tooth issues. He suggested that instead of cake or candy after dinner, we suck on a hard candy to get that little burst of sweetness and avoid the heavier things we were eating. All I can say is, he greatly underestimated our need for chocolate.

Hedgehog Candy Pouch | Homan at Home

So two years later, I still have a gigantic bag of Jolly Ranchers lying around. They feature in just about every post that involves candy. Like the toilet paper roll pillow boxes. And what do you think’s inside the wise men? You guessed it. 

And back to the hedgehogs. You can print these out on regular paper, but they do look better on cardstock. Just fold them over, and glue, tape or staple them into a cone. Stuff your candy in, then staple, tape, or glue the rest of it. Hand it to your Valentine, and it’s as simple as that!

For the free printable, click the link below:

Hedgehog Candy Pouch Printable


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Hedgehog Candy Pouch | Homan at Home


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