Mix ‘n Match Rock Snake

Mix 'n Match Rock Snake | Homan at Home

Have you seen the “No Step on Snek” meme that’s been going around? For some reason, my husband thinks it is the most hilarious thing in the world and quotes it all the time. Which means that Alex has started quoting it also, even though he has no idea what it means. 

Which brings us to snakes. Alex has been very interested in snakes since he learned that he should not step on them. We’ve been doing quite a bit of learning about snakes, watching snake videos, and making snake crafts. This one was the biggest hit. 

All it really is, is a bunch of painted rocks that you can arrange and rearrange to make different looking snakes. But to my 2 year old, it has represented a ton of fun. He loves moving the rocks around and telling me he got a new pet snake. I have to say, “Another one? Oh no! Mommy hates snakes!” and then he rolls around in the grass laughing hysterically because that is clearly the funniest joke ever told by anyone anywhere. 

If you wish to partake in this fun, it’s pretty darn easy. All you need is:


5-7 rocks, washed and dried



Rock Snakes, Step-by-Step

Start by painting your rock snakes with acrylic paint. I gave a few other types a try (I’m looking at you, finger paint!) and they don’t work that well, so stick with acrylic. 

Mix 'n Match Rock Snake | Homan at Home

You can stop there, if you like. Or you can give the rocks different designs. I painted mine with white so they would really stand out, but this is one of those projects where your imagination’s the only limit. You could glue things on, or use a sharpie to decorate. 

Just make sure that you decorate one like the snake’s head. To make my snake’s head, I used the back of the paintbrush to make two white circles, then waited until they dried to dot black circles in for the pupils. I used the back of the paintbrush for the nostrils too, just pulling the circles down to get the shape. 

Mix 'n Match Rock Snake | Homan at Home

Once your rocks are dry, that’s it! Now you too can play the New Pet Snake game!

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Mix 'n Match Rock Snake | Homan at Home

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  1. Dearest Diane, that is the cutest little snake, and I am so glad that Alex loves her. (It’s got to be a her, cause her head is my signature color…..PINK.). There is a new little girl, across the street, her name is Athena, and she is 5 or 6. A real little doll, and she is always yelling, Hi Susie, when I am outside. I’m soooooo loving my job, and it is a lot closer than Sears Mall Carrs. It’s really a small store, but the people I work with are nice. I will call you tomorrow….. I meant to call you today to see how my ‘little family is”. Take good care of Dustin, Alex and Baby Faith….. I miss you so much. <3 's, Hugs, and Love, Susie……and Megan….

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