Easy Beaded Snakes

Easy Beaded Snakes | Homan at Home

For those who don’t know, this year I went back to teaching part time. It was a big change for our family, and my little boy felt it. At lot. The biggest thing he said he missed was that I never wanted to do crafts anymore. Getting everything out and coming up with something to do was just too much after coming home from school. 

So I started the craft box, which is one of my more genius inventions. Every Sunday night, I sit down and pick out 5 crafts that look easy enough to do even if I’m tired. Then I prep the materials in an old mailing box. The kids can pick one craft a day out of the box, we do it, and voila! I am crafty mom again! 

Easy Beaded Snakes | Homan at Home

Anyway, the only way the box works is with super simple crafts, and this snake was a big hit. He only requires a few materials, takes just a few minutes, and the kids can play with him afterward. I chose to hot glue the wiggle eyes on for more security, but they will stay with Elmer’s glue if you give it time to dry. 

Beaded Snakes Instructions


Pipe cleaners

Pony beads

wiggle eyes



  1. Start by stringing a pony bead onto the pipe cleaner. Push it to the bottom, then loop the pipe cleaner around the bead and twist the pipe cleaner around itself to hold the bead on the end. 
  2. Continue stringing beads until you only have 1/2″ left. 
  3. Loop the pipe cleaner around the last bead and twist the pipe cleaner around itself to hold the bead, then push the rest of the beads around to cover the pipe cleaner twist. 
  4. Starting at the top, make a head by rolling the pipe cleaner like a snail. Use either hot glue or twist the pipe cleaner around the snake’s body to hold the head there. 
  5. Add wiggle eyes with glue.
  6. Snip off a 1″ piece of red pipe cleaner. Twist it around the front of the head to make a tongue. 

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Easy Beaded Snakes | Homan at Home


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