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Got a sport lover or two in the family? I can’t say it’s for me, but my husband played soccer throughout high school, and still loves to go kick the ball around with Alex in the evenings. He’s also up for a game of basketball or football among friends, which is why he’s the inspiration for these printable games. 

My philosophy on Mothers and Fathers Day is that its best to give something that the kids and mom/dad can play with. Call it giving memories rather than gifts if you like – even though there’s a gift involved. Last year, I made cootie catchers with activities to do with dad under the flaps. This year, it’s these games. It’s something a kiddo can take part in making (provided they’re old enough to use scissors alone), and then they and dad can play together. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and, in my opinion, a family that plays together is the happiest. So go ahead, give dad the gift of happiness for Fathers Day 🙂

For these games, you just need the printable below (all three games are on the same piece of paper), a sheet of cardstock, and a piece of standard sized computer paper to make the paper football. 

Just print the printable on cardstock and cut out the games. For football and basketball, you’ll need to cut out the goalposts, then fold them so they stand up. This is why cardstock is a good choice!

To play, you’ll need a paper football. I used this tutorial to get back in touch with my inner middle schooler. Once you’ve got your football made, you can use it to play any of the games.

For football and basketball, place the goal/basket as far away as you’d like on a table. The further away, the harder it is to score! Then, take turns flicking the football at the goal. Each time it goes through the posts, you get a point. 

Soccer is a little different. Again, you can set the field up anywhere you’d like on the table. Then, take turns flicking the football at the field. If you land in the 1 pt zone, it’s 1 point to you. If you land in the 2 pt zone, it’s 2 points to you. If you don’t make the field, try again next time.

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