#1 Dad Medal

#1 Dad Medal | Homan at Home

Want to tell Dad he’s the best this Fathers Day? This sweet little #1 Dad Medal craft is a great way to say it. As long as your little has gluing and cutting skills, they can make this one on their own, and it’s perfect for group projects in preschool or at church. 

Case in point: Alex made this one with just a little help from mom (we’re still working on that scissor stuff).

#1 Dad Medal | Homan at Home

All you need for this is glue, scissors, blue paper, yellow paper, a cupcake wrapper, and a yellow marker. Start by printing out the lovely #1 Dad printable available in pdf format by clicking here or on the image below. (There’s also a #1 Grandpa medallion included in the printable). 

#1 Dad Medal | Homan at Home

I printed mine onto yellow paper, then cut out the circle and ribbon shapes. To make the ribbon part, I traced the ribbon shape onto blue construction paper, then cut it out. 

#1 Dad Medal | Homan at Home

Next, I flattened out a cupcake wrapper and colored it yellow with my marker. You could skip this step by buying yellow cupcake wrappers, but Walmart only had white, so there you go.

#1 Dad Medal | Homan at Home

Now you put your medal together. Glue the #1 Dad circle onto the center of the cupcake wrapper. Then glue your ribbon to the back of the wrapper so the ends of the ribbon stick out. You can also add a loop of yarn if you want your dad/grandpa to be able to wear his medal like the champ he is!

#1 Dad Medal | Homan at Home

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#1 Dad Medal | Homan at Home

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