Foam Monster Magnets

Foam Monster Magnets | Homan at Home

Last week’s monster game was sort of a hit, so I revisited the monster theme for this week’s post. Besides, I gotta get some mileage out of those cute monsters I made 😉 

I used the same monster bases as the game, but added several new templates for various features. These little monsters are easy to put together and only take tracing, cutting, and gluing skills, making them easy enough for most kids. I love the way that you can combine all the different features in so many ways, so no monster looks exactly like any other. 

Foam Monster Magnets | Homan at Home

I made these monsters magnets, but you could easily add two slits and turn them into pencil toppers.


Fun foam

wiggle eyes


Elmer’s glue

magnetic tape or hot glue and a magnet

body templates

feature templates

Monster Magnets, Step-by-Step

Start by printing out the templates. Cut out the body, then trace it on fun foam and cut out. 

Do the same for any of the features you want to use. Feel free to use as many or as few as you would like!

Foam Monster Magnets | Homan at Home

Glue the features to the body. I use small sized wiggle eyes for the eyes.

Foam Monster Magnets | Homan at Home 

Allow your monsters to dry. Once they’re dry, either hot glue a magnet to the back, or use a strip of magnetic tape to turn them into fridge-frequenting Monster Magnets!

Foam Monster Magnets | Homan at Home

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Foam Monster Magnets | Homan at Home

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