Christmas Don’t Eat Pete!

December 18, 2021 Diane Homan

Use this free printable to play the class game Don’t Eat Pete! Perfect for family gatherings and easy enough for little ones to play.

Ready for all those family gathering and Christmas get-togethers? Where we are, omicron hasn’t hit too hard, so it’s looking like Christmas as (roughly) usual for us. One of the games we’ll be playing is this one.

My kids love Don’t Eat Pete. This game has been around forever, and for good reason. It’s extremely simple, the rules are incredibly easy to understand and follow, and it takes almost nothing to play. All of this means that I love it as it as well.

All you need is this free Christmas Don’t Eat Pete printable and 16 small treats. We usually play with M&Ms, but I’ve used pretzels and goldfish, especially when my kids were younger. Basically, if it fits into the little square and you can eat it, you’re golden.

You start playing by putting one treat on each of the squares. Then, have one person leave the room. While they’re chilling in the hallway, the rest of you agree on a square that will now be dubbed “Pete.” When Pete has been chosen, the person who left the room can come back.

That player will now try to eat as many treats as they can without eating Pete. They should take the treats from the squares one at a time, continuing until they pick up the treat from the square that is Pete. When they pick up Pete’s treat, the rest of the players shout, “Don’t eat Pete!” and that player’s turn is over. Another player goes out of the room, you replace the eaten treats, and begin again.

Christmas Don't Eat Pete | Homan at Home

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Christmas Don't Eat Pete | Homan at Home
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