Washer Necklaces

A little nail polish and felt dress up these cute washer necklaces!

Washer Necklaces | Homan at Home

It wasn’t too long ago that washer necklaces were all the rage. Engraved, painted, modge-podged — there are literally tons of ways to enjoy the super simple and stylish washer necklace. My kids are deeply into unicorns and Pokemon, so this is how we’re enjoying this craft this week.

These necklaces are super easy, but they do take time. That was probably the hardest part of the whole process — convincing the kids that they needed to wait for that all-important coat of nail polish to dry. My daughter isn’t that patient, and you can see the smudge marks at the bottom of the unicorn. Waiting is tough when you’re 4!

Washer Necklaces | Homan at Home

Pikachu was actually done second, after we’d worked out the kinks in the process (and learned not to grab the still-wet washer!). I love how bright he is! With the sunshine returning and the warm days back, he feels perfect for the season!

Washer Necklaces | Homan at Home

This would make a great craft for older kids. Hot gluing skills are necessary, as is the ability to cut felt. If your kiddo can do those things, then they are ready!

Washer Necklaces, Step-by-Step



  • washer
  • yellow nail polish
  • red nail polish
  • white paint
  • black Sharpie
  • yellow felt
  • glue gun
  • yarn


  • washer
  • pink nail polish (or whatever base color you want)
  • gold and pink glitter
  • Elmer’s glue
  • hot glue
  • white felt
  • yellow felt
  • small heart stickers
  • modge podge
  • yarn


Begin by painting your washer with your base color. For Pikachu, your base will be yellow. For the unicorn, you’ll use pink, or whatever you chose for your unicorn. This may take several coats in order to get a good, opaque coverage.

From here you’ll either follow the Pikachu instructions or the unicorn ones.

Pikachu Instructions

Washer Necklaces | Homan at Home

While your washer is drying, cut out two rounded triangles from the yellow felt. Use the Sharpie to color in just their tips.

Then, cut a lightening shape from the yellow felt. Place this to the side.

When the base coat on the washer is fully dry, use the Sharpie to draw two eyes on the front. Use the white paint to give your eyes another, smaller dot towards the upper right of the black circles.

Below the eyes, use the red nail polish to make two small circles to form Pikachu’s cheeks. After you’ve added the facial details, you’ll need to wait several more minutes until Pikachu’s dry again.

Once the eyes and cheeks have dried, use hot glue to attach the ears and tail to the back of the washer. Loop the yarn around the center to create the necklace part, and your Pikachu is ready to wear!

Unicorn Instructions

Washer Necklaces | Homan at Home

While your washer is drying, cut out two very small rounded triangles from the white felt. These will become your ears.

Then, cut a small triangle from the yellow felt. This will become your horn.

Use the glue to draw small triangles inside the white felt triangles you cut. Shake the pink glitter over them to create the glittery insides of your unicorn’s ears.

On the horn, make small strips with Elmer’s glue, then shake the gold glitter over them to make the horn details. Put the ears and the horn aside to dry.

When the washer is dry completely, loop the yarn around the center to create the necklace part.

Then, take the Sharpie and draw two cute unicorn eyes on the front of the washer.

When your ears and horn are dry, use the hot glue to glue them to the top of the washer over the loop made by the yarn.

Last, take the small heart stickers and position them over the ears and horn. Use the hot glue to glue them on, then swipe the modge-podge over them to stiffen them and keep them in place.

When the stickers have fully dried, your unicorn is ready to wear!

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Washer Necklaces | Homan at Home
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