Lollipop Ghosts

Lollypop Ghosts | Homan at Home

Sometimes you just have to do a classic, and these little ghosties are probably one of the most classic Halloween crafts out there. Which is why I had to introduce my little guy to them. I love doing old, tired things with him, because he never sees them as old or tired. It’s just as new and clever as the first time someone ever made one. There’s probably a lesson in that or something…

Lollypop Ghosts | Homan at Home

Anyway, lollypop ghosts are super-duper easy. There’s only a few steps and a few materials, which makes this a perfect craft for little ones. As a note on lollypops, you can use just about any pop with a circular head. I think Tootsie Roll pops look best, but the ones in the pictures are Blow Pops because my Walmart was out of the Tootsie Roll ones. Dumdums work well for smaller ghosts, but you might have to cut your Kleenex down to fit. 



rubber band

2 sheets of Kleenex



Lollypop Ghosts, Step-by-Step

Start by layering your two sheets of Kleenex and placing the lollypop in the center. 

Lollypop Ghosts | Homan at Home

Then, cover the head of the lollypop with the Kleenex and secure with a rubber band. 

Lollypop Ghosts | Homan at Home

Add a face with your marker. 

Lollypop Ghosts | Homan at Home

And finish off by tying a nice little jaunty bow on your ghostie. That’s it!

Lollypop Ghosts | Homan at Home

These are easy to mass-manufacture if you need a treat for a large group, and they’re fun to do a few at a time with your kiddos. Happy Haunting!

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Lollypop Ghosts | Homan at Home

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