Watercolor Glue Paint Resist

Watercolor Glue Paint Resist | Homan at Home

It’s October 1st, which means bring on the Halloween posts! I’m not a blood and guts kind of girl, and I run in terror at horror movies, but I do love the cute, fun parts of Halloween. Dressing up, cute bats and pumpkins and monsters, that kind of thing – that’s my jam. 

And that’s what this project is – it’s a simple glue resist with a Halloween twist. You really could draw anything, but given the time of year, a bat and a pumpkin seemed appropriate. 

Watercolor Glue Paint Resist | Homan at Home


  • cardstock or paper plate
  • watercolors
  • Elmer’s glue


Start by using the Elmer’s glue to draw a design on the cardstock or paper plate. 

Watercolor Glue Paint Resist | Homan at Home

It’s best to draw thin lines, because this can take a while to dry. You want to wait until the glue is completely dry before you watercolor over it, otherwise you end up with an exciting glue mess. 

And once it’s dry – just watercolor right over it. The glue dries clear, so the design stands out from the colors around it. 

Watercolor Glue Paint Resist | Homan at Home

If you did yours on paper plates, you can cut off the border to make cute little medallions. I used mine as door hangers on the kids’ rooms. Gotta get them in that Halloween spirit!

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Watercolor Glue Paint Resist | Homan at Home


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