Toilet Paper Roll Tower of Terror

Toilet Paper Tower of Terror | Homan at Home

I love Halloween, but I’ve never been big on the scary side of it. Or the gross one. You can keep your zombie brain cupcakes to yourself. I love dressing up and decorating, though, but I tend more towards the cute. This craft is super-duper easy and the product is pretty darn cute. Basically, you’re just going to take four toilet paper rolls, print off the printables below, wrap, and stack. In fact, you don’t even have to stack them. You can keep them separate to make centerpieces, and even fill them with candy, like in this toilet paper roll bunny centerpiece. It’s perfect for my Halloween personality!

Halloween Toilet Paper Centerpieces | Homan at Home

See? They’re cute on their own too. Literally all you need for this is some scotch tape, the printables, a pair of scissors, and the toilet paper rolls. Another favorite of mine about this craft is that you can take the wrappers off the rolls when you’re done, and the toilet paper can be reused for its original purpose. Win-win solution to me!

The Printables

Click on the link below to be taken to a full sized version of the printable. You’ll notice the mummy is just a cut out of eyes and mouth. Instructions for making him are below.


Jack O’Lantern



How to Wrap

Cut your printables down the center of the page. You should have two long strips. I usually put the one without the face on first. Wrap it around what will become the back of the toilet paper roll and attach it with scotch tape. Over the top of that, wrap the strip with the face and attach it with the tape. Your two pieces will overlap – that’s exactly what you want!

Making the Mummy

The mummy is a little different, as you probably noticed. Instead of wrapping a printable, you’re going to unwrap a length of toilet paper (about 2 feet). You’ll then rewrap it around the roll a couple of times and tuck the end in. You can tape the end too, if you want more security. Then you’ll cut the eyes and mouth out and tape them to the roll. I like to tuck the eyes under one of the toilet paper wraps in order to make it look more mummy-like. 

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Toilet Paper Roll Tower of Terror | Homan at Home

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