Super Bunny vs Evil Chicks

Super Bunny vs Evil Chicks | Homan at Home

This game comes at the request of my four year old. He is deeply into superheroes right now, and his current favorite project is this one from Messy Little Monsters. We have literally 10 of these popsicle superheroes hanging around our house, and he still wants to make more every day.

When I suggested we do a bunny craft, since Easter is getting closer, he was only interested if it was a super bunny. And the story grew from there. Super Bunny fights evil chicks who have stolen Easter (in the form of Easter eggs). I do not know what the chicks’ motivation is, other than that they are very evil. Here’s him and his sister battling it out in the name of Easter everywhere:

Super Bunny vs Evil Chicks | Homan at Home

The craft itself is very simple – just a little cutting and gluing. There are two types of superhero masks, and I also included one of each of the rainbow colors, and a blank template that can be colored. So without further ado, here’s the walkthrough:

Super Bunny, Step-by-Step



Cut out the printable.

Glue the bunny head to the front of the popsicle stick and allow a minute or two to dry.

Glue the cape to the back of the popsicle stick corresponding to the bottom of the bunny’s face.

Put your bunny to the side and get ready for chicks!

Cut the chicks out.

Fold them down the center.

That’s it! Grab a couple of plastic Easter eggs to be rescued and send the little ones off to save Easter!

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Super Bunny vs Evil Chicks | Homan at Home
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