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Whirligig Bunnies | Homan at Home


This is a super fun and simple kids’ Easter craft. You can throw these lovely little bunnies into the air and watch them twirl to the ground. Except when he tries to eat his, my one year old has been having a blast throwing his bunny in the air this morning. We’ve gotten almost a half an hour out of this project, and, as all my fellow mothers of toddlers understand, that’s gold!

It’s actually a project my mom did with us when we were little (if you read this blog often, you’ll notice that’s a theme here). She had a hand-drawn version of the whirligig bunny, and I just fancied it up a bit in Illustrator to make a printable.

All you need for this is a printer, a piece of paper, some scissors, and a paperclip (the paperclip adds weight to make the bunny twirl). 

Start by printing the template. Just click on the image below for the printable pdf file.

Whirly Gig Bunnies | Homan at Home

Next, cut out your bunny. You’re going to fold the two outer sections (with the back legs) back.

Whirly Gig Bunnies | Homan at Home


Then, you’ll cut down the middle line of the ears. Bend one ear forward and the other back.

Whirligig Bunnies | Homan at Home

Now add a paper clip and voila, you’ve finished! You can throw these up in the air, or better yet, drop them from the top of the stairs and watch them twirl to the ground!

Do you have a fun kids craft for Easter? Leave us a link in the comments below!

Whirligig Bunnies | Homan at Home


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