Firecracker Centerpieces

Firecracker Centerpieces | Homan at Home

Looking for a cheap and easy way to festive things up for the 4th? These firecracker centerpieces made from a toilet paper tube have you covered! I challenged myself to make something cute from only the things I already had at home, so I can promise you these guys are super frugal – you probably already have everything at your fingertips!

Also, I had a thought later. I bet you could put candy inside the tissue paper to make these even more fun. M&Ms in Independence Day colors spilling out the top of these guys would be pretty darn cute!

I did this project two different ways. My first idea was the yarn one, and then I wondered how it would look just painted. I thought both were cute, so I included both here. The yarn one takes a little longer, but I like the fun effect and the bright colors. It also disguises the fact that my 18 month old likes to sit on the toilet paper (apparently it’s comfortable?), so all the tubes at our house are squashed beyond salvation. I tried to resurrect these two, but you can definitely see the Alex touch in the painted one. I bet it would be even cuter if the tube were actually round!

The Yarn Method

For this method, you’ll need about 4 feet of yarn in each of the three colors – red, white, and blue. You’ll also need a hot glue gun, and a ruler. 

Start by dividing the tube into thirds. I made marks on mine at  1 1/4 in and 2 1/2 in, roughly. I wasn’t too worried about precision, as you can see below: 

Firecracker Centerpieces | Homan at Home

Next, hot glue the end of the red yarn somewhere near the bottom of the tube. I like to put it a little higher than right at the bottom, so I can wrap the yarn around it and hide that glue-y end.

Firecracker Centerpiece | Homan at Home

Now wrap the red yarn around the tube, starting from the bottom and laying each wrap next to the one before. You want to wrap tightly enough that you can’t see the tube. Stop wrapping the red yarn when you reach your first mark. You’ll hot glue the end of the yarn to the tube, then glue the end of the white yarn on right on top. Color switch!

Firecracker Centerpiece | Homan at Home

Now you get to wrap the white around until you reach the second mark, then do the same with the blue. Once you’ve finished wrapping and gluing, stuff some tissue paper into the tube for a finishing touch!

Firecracker Centerpieces | Homan at Home

The Paint Method

For this method, you’ll mark your tube just like for the yarn. If I’m going to paint, I only use a pencil to make the marks (not the Sharpie pictured). That way the marks cover up easily.

Firecracker Centerpieces | Homan at Home

Marks are at roughly 1 1/4 in and 2 1/2 inch. Very roughly.

Once your marks are made, you can start painting. If you want very clean lines, I’d recommend using painters tape to get that smooth look. I wanted something more rustic, so I just freehanded the edges. 

Firecracker Centerpieces | Homan at Home

Give your tube a few minutes to dry, then paint the next section white and the final section blue. Because my edges were so “rustic,” I ended up going back and dry brushing a little of the next color onto the section before. I really like the way they turned out!

When you’ve finished painting and your tube is completely dry, stuff some tissue paper down the center to finish off. 

Firecracker Centerpiece | Homan at Home

How will you decorate for the 4th? Leave a comment and let us know!

Firecracker Centerpiece | Homan at Home

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