St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Bag Topper Printable

St Patricks Day Coloring Bag Toppers | Homan at Home

Cute, right? I love this because it’s a super simple craft that you can do with kids down to 1 year old – provided you like that “Mommy, I made it for you!” look (check out that topper in the back. Alex colored it!). You literally just print the bag topper off, allow the kids to color it, then staple it to the bag of goodies and you have a personalized gift that takes next to no time at all. 

As for goodies, I did green sugar cookies, but can I recommend the little chocolate coins they sell? I mean, anything green or shamrock shaped will do, really, but the chocolate coins just look so cool nestled in their Ziploc bag. I was so sad I couldn’t find them this year. 

This would also make a great project for larger groups. It requires very little effort from you, and the results are pretty cute, if I do say so myself 🙂

The printable is sized for standard reclosable sandwich bags. Just click on the image below to be taken to the printable PDF!

St. Patrick's Day Coloring Bag Topper Printable | Homan at Home

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St. Patrick's Day Bag Toppers | Homan at Home

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