Turkey Finger Puppets

Turkey Finger Puppets | Homan at Home

Thanksgiving and all things turkey just kinda snuck up on me this year. It’s been so tempting to skip right to Christmas — I mean, all the stores did — but I was determined to get at least one Thanksgiving themed craft up. These turkey finger puppets are representing for 2019.

What do they represent? Well, thanksgiving, for one. For another, my approach to this year — keeping it simple. Every year seems to get busier and busier. This year we added preschool parties, and while I love watching my son have a good time, putting more things on my to-do list is getting rough. But these, these were easy to design, and they’re easy to make. So here’s to approaching life like turkey finger puppets – as simply as possible. I don’t know about you, but that’s what I need right now.

Turkey Finger Puppets | Homan at Home

There are two versions of these turkey finger puppets: one is left white and can be used as a coloring project, and the other is the one in the pictures. The coloring version would be great for a class party craft – just print these out and let the kids color and cut. These would also work really well as an activity for Thanksgiving morning. My kids played with theirs for a quite a bit — adding their turkeys to the ongoing game they’re playing with their dinosaur puppets. The turkeys spend a lot of time keeping the T-Rex from eating them 🙂

The instructions for this craft are practically non-existent. For the coloring page option, print out the turkeys (there are 2 on a page), allow the kids to color, then help them cut out the turkeys. The pre-colored ones are even simpler — print the template, then cut out the turkeys!

Without further ado, here are the templates. Enjoy!

Coloring Page Turkey Puppet Printable

Pre-Colored Turkey Puppet Printable

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Turkey Finger Puppets | Homan at Home
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