Animal Curtain Tie-Backs

Animal Curtain Tie-Backs | Homan at Home

So we’re in the process of decorating my little boy’s room (1 month to go!). He’s got an animal/jungle theme, so we were doing our best to outfit things with stuff we could find at the thrift store. His curtain is a striped one, made from a twin sheet cut down the middle. I love the colors and the way they go with his bed. 

I just wasn’t sure what to do for a tie-back. There are tons of cute ideas on Pinterest, but none of them were really jiving for me. You know how inspiration sometimes hits in the middle of the night? Well, it didn’t. It hit in the morning in the form of a phone call from my mom. She suggested using thrift store stuffed animals to pull the curtains back. 

Originally I was thinking monkeys, but the thrift store was fresh out of monkeys (Okay, not entirely true. They had this one that might give Alex nightmares, so I left it. Seriously, who makes scary stuffed animals?). I ended up with this super cute tiger and a lemur. They both had long enough arms for my purpose. 

All I did was wrap their arms around the curtain (which I had knotted), then sewed their hands together. Now they look like they’re climbing up some jungle vines. Pretty cute!

Animal Curtain Tie-Backs | Homan at Home

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