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Leaf Art: Animals, Bugs, and More!

November 2, 2015 Diane Homan

Leaf Art | Homan at Home

So I was looking back through the archives and realized I have not done a craft-based post in over two months. What?! 

I have repented. Alex and I went on a nature walk today, and the changing trees reminded me of an activity my mom used to do with us every year. We’d go out and collect leaves, then take them home, glue them to paper, and make pictures out of them. You can imagine what they looked like when we were really little, but over the years, we got better.

That’s actually what I love about this craft. Not only is it super easy and requires practically no preparation or materials, but just about anybody can do it. The picture you see above is mine, and yes, I am 28 years old, but I had a blast making it. There’s something very neat about spreading leaves on a table and trying to see a picture in their shapes. Even my 11 month old was able to help me this round. He picked out the leaves on our walk, and then handed them to me to put in the bag. This is literally a craft the entire family can enjoy and be part of. 

  • Materials

  • leaves
  • glue stick
  • paper or cardstock
  • pencils, pens, markers, or watercolors


Start by taking a nice walk. Collect leaves, pieces of grass, reeds, sticks, or anything else that can be glued to a paper or that strikes your fancy. I don’t usually go with an idea of what I want. I just collect things I find pretty or cool, and later I’ll see what comes of it. 

Leaf Art

Once we’ve got all our leaves, we lay them out on the table and start gluing. My brother likes to draw first and glue later, but I just go for it!

Leaf Art

Here’s a dragonfly!

Since I’m not the best artist, I will draw my extras with pencil, then go over them with marker. Don’t want to ruin the pretty leaves!

Laef Art

And a dog. We’ll call him Rover.


Leaf Art

This one’s my favorite. Look at that two-toned fire leaf thing making up his body. Nature rocks!


Leaf Art

Last close-up, I promise.

And that’s it! One of my mom’s more genius ideas. It’ll keep kids busy for quite some time and the product looks nice on the fridge 🙂

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Leaf Art | Homan at Home

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Carol Ensign

I live the fish! But they all turned out cute.

Diane Homan

Yeah, that one and the peacock are my favorites. Definitely better looking than the ones I used to make!

Homan at Home

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