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Valentines Airplanes | Homan at Home

Ready to send a little last-minute Valentine winging its way to someone special? This printable is a fun and easy way to send a personalized message. I considered making planes that had a pre-printed message inside, but then I thought that was kinda canned. I decided to leave it open, but here are a few airplane puns to get the ideas flowing:

“Keep flying high, Valentine!”

“I’m plane crazy about you!”

“You make my heart soar!”

“You’re so fly!”

And here’s the printable:

I would also recommend printing your airplane on a sheet of cardstock or some sort of heavy paper. Heavier airplanes fly better, just FYI 🙂

Valentines Airplanes Printable

Valentines Airplane | Homan at Home


And can I just plug this form of paper airplane? It’s called the Nakamura Lock, and it is the BEST flying airplane I have ever seen. It looks slightly less snappy than the traditional dart, but if you want something that glides like a champ, this is it. For a picture tutorial on how to fold this, check out this Instructable.

Here’s a video, if you’re that type of learner 🙂

Looking for more easy Valentines? Gotcha covered!

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Valentines Airplanes | Homan at Home

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