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Chalkboard Christmas Bag Toppers

December 20, 2018 Diane Homan

Chalkboard Christmas Bag Toppers | Homan at Home

Got half a million people on your “need gifts for co-workers/friends/neighbors/etc” list? Apparently my mom did, because she requested some chalkboard-look bag toppers with these specific phrases on them, and I obliged. They came out pretty cute, so I ended up doing these for my friends at work. 

These are designed to go with hot chocolate/apple cider packets. For my gifts, I put a Gingerman cookie from Pepperidge Farms (they’re so dang cute!), a packet of hot chocolate, and a candy cane. You could also put these cute dipping spoons in, if you wanted to do the extra work. 

Chalkboard Christmas Bag Toppers | Homan at Home

Some positives on this one: they’re easy to mass produce, and I deliberately made them black and white because our printer has decided that it doesn’t like color. That means these won’t use up all your expensive ink, or come out looking yucky if your printer isn’t a super high-quality one. 

And the cost is another high point. If you stuff with hot cocoa, candy canes, and Gingermen, each bag comes to about 65¢. With the strain Christmas puts on our bank account, you can bet that’s a welcome number!

Click here for free printable bag toppers!

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Chalkboard Christmas Bag Toppers | Homan at Home


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