Delicious Dipping Spoons

Delicious Dipping Spoon | Homan at Home

Need a nice neighbor gift? This is one my family has fallen back on for years. All you need is a few plastic spoons and something to dip them in. I added a bunch of extra toppings to mine for variety here, which is something I love about this project. Your imagination is literally the limit when it comes to what flavor combinations you can come up with. 

I stuck to three base flavors, white chocolate, milk chocolate, and caramel. From the caramel base, I added salt for salted caramel, and drizzled the other two. The chocolate base I added marshmallows to, and the white chocolate got sprinkles. I wished I had some crushed peppermint or candy bars to cut up and put on these, since I think white chocolate peppermint or chocolate peanut butter would be amazing!

Now, to dress them up for gift giving. It’s super easy – just grab a fold-top sandwich bag and a piece of ribbon. I tucked mine into a mug and added a couple packets of apple cider mix – I thought they’d go well with the caramel based spoons and it made the gift seem more fall-like. For Christmas presents, I usually use packets of hot chocolate. Yet another way this gift can be super versatile!

Delicious Dipping Spoons | Homan at Home

The other thing I love about this project is that kids can help out. Dipping a spoon into chocolate or caramel and then sprinkling some toppings on top is easy enough that little kids can do it. My two-year-old helped with this one, and he loved holding the spoon to drizzle the chocolate (he absolutely refused to try to drizzle any of the others, and the sprinkles got a little explosive, but he had a good time, right?).

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Delicious Dipping Spoons | Homan at Home


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