Double Chocolate Snack Cake Mix

Double Chocolate Snack Cake Mix | Homan at Home

Time has flown! It’s been almost a month since I’ve updated the blog – a month full of sick kids, crazy amounts of grading, and of course, Christmas prep. Presents under the tree, presents in stockings, and (this is where the post comes in) presents for neighbors and friends. 

Every year I try to do something different. In the past, I’ve given out Soda Bottle Santas, Felt Candy Holders, bags of truffles, and cookies in a jar. This year, I wanted something easy. Adding teaching back into my schedule has really cut down on my crafting hours, so I needed a quick gift that would be something desirable. 

Double Chocolate Snack Cake Mix | Homan at Home

I came back to my trusty snack cake mix. I absolutely love this because it’s easy to throw together, and the cakes it yields are really delicious (check out some different versions here and here). It’s simple, but slightly unique – not the standard cookies or brownies in a jar. This mix yields the cake below – a moist chocolate cake base topped with walnuts and mini chocolate chips. 

Who wouldn’t want that? So threw the mix in some jars (layered for cute effect), put the walnuts and chocolate chips in some ornaments I found at Walmart, and added these cute tags. That’s it! Friends and neighbors, consider yourself loved this Christmas 🙂


Snack Cake in a Jar, Step-by-Step

Start by making this snack cake mix. To layer this into the jars, put about 1 cup of mix in the jar, then tap it gently to settle it evenly. 

Scoop in 2 Tbsp of cocoa and shake gently to get it to lay evenly. 

Put the rest of the mix (1 1/4 cup) in the top. This fits just barely, so you’ll need to tap the jar often to get it all in. 

In the ornament, use a funnel to put the walnuts and chocolate chips in. 

Cut six 6″ diameter circles from your fat quarter. 

Place the circle part of the lid on top of the jars. Cover with fabric, then screw the ring part of the lid down on top. 

Thread the ornament and tag onto a ribbon, then tie the ribbon in a bow. Voila! 

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Double Chocolate Snack Cake Mix | Homan at Home8


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