Steal Your Heart Lollipop Valentines

Steal Your Heart Valentines | Homan at Home

Have you seen those super cute superhero Valentines that are making the rounds on Pinterest? A mask, a cape, and a lollipop turns into a superhero. I think they are adorable. And inspiring. Also, have you seen the show Leverage?  It’s about do-gooder con artists and thieves. My husband and I are pretty much obsessed with it. (I promise this connects back to the lollipops). 

Anyway, between the superheroes and the heart-of-gold bad guys, I decided to make some Valentines thieves. See? They stole your heart? Good one, right? Add a mask, and you have a sweet little love bandit 🙂

Steal Your Heart Lollipops Valentines | Homan at Home

Now, I used some heart-shaped lollipops from Walmart (only $1.00 for 5!), but the sizing of the printable will work for Tootsie Roll and Blow Pops. That’s why the mask has very long sides, so you can adjust for the size of your pop. 

There are two messages on the hearts: “Love Bandit,” and “You stole my heart, Valentine.” Just print out the printable, and cut out the masks and hearts. Poke a little hole in the top and bottom of the heart and slip it onto the lollipop stick. The mask gets taped around the lollipop, and then trim the ends and voila, you have a Valentine!

Steal Your Heart Valentine Printable

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Steal Your Heart Valentines | Homan at Home

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