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Straw Rocket Valentines

January 26, 2017 Diane Homan

Straw Rocket Valentines | Homan at Home

Valentines don’t have to be all pink and cutesy – and they don’t have to be a card or candy. If you’re looking for something a little more science-related, then this fun Valentines activity has you covered. 

Alex and I made these this morning, and he had a blast. He loved coloring his “rocket-ship-blast-off,-1, 2, 3” (this is what he calls rockets, and he says the whole thing every time. I love him.). We had some slight difficulty figuring out how to blow through the straw, but once that was ironed out, he ran around the house flying space missions for a good 15 or 20 minutes. And toddler moms know that 15 minutes of entertainment is gold!

Straw Rocket Valentines | Homan at Home

Aside from the fact that Alex loved it, I loved the idea of a Valentine that you could play with. Alex definitely does not need more sugar in his life, but he can use a little fun 🙂

The printable comes with two different messages: “You’re a blast!” and “I love you to the moon and back!” To make the Valentines, just print the free printable and color and cut. The other thing you’ll need is two different sized straws – one needs to be bigger than the other. You’ll cut a small piece of the larger straw and tape it to the back, making sure to tape the top shut. Insert the smaller straw into the larger, and you have a straw rocket. Here’s what the back looks like: 

Straw Rocket Valentines | Homan at Home
Here’s the printable:

Straw Rocket Printable

And here’s what they look like finished:
Straw Rocket Valentines | Homan at Home

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Straw Rocket Valentines | Homan at Home



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