Valentine Soda Can Wraps

Valentine Soda Can Wraps | Homan at Home

I’ll address the elephant in the room first. I am aware that penguins are not woodland animals. However, I think that the cuteness level of that penguin printable is enough to get him a slot in this post. After all, he does belong to the animal kingdom 🙂

Anyway, this wraps were inspired by last-minute panic from last year. Which was not the first year with last minute panic situations. I designed these wraps to go over standard cans of soda. Everywhere I’ve ever worked has had a soda vending machine, which means that as long as I have access to a printer, nobody has to know they were forgotten…

Valentine Soda Can Wraps | Homan at Home

You’ll notice each design has a nice little soda pun involved. The bear is designed to go with root beer (I’m rooting for you, Valentine), the owl goes with Fanta (You’re fantastic, Valentine), the fox is Sprite (You “Sprite” up my life), and the penguin is the catch-all, generic one (You’re soda-lightful, Valentine). 

All you have to do to use these is to print them up, cut them out, then tape them around a soda can. Pair it up with a candy bar or something if you feel like it, and there you go. An easy, super cheap, and pretty darn adorable gift you can throw together at the last minute. 

Bear Printable

Owl Printable

Fox Printable 

Penguin Printable


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Valentines Soda Can Wraps | Homan at Home

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