Munchin’ Magnet Monsters

Munchin' Magnets | Homan at Home

Talk about a useful and easy craft – these little magnet monsters are exactly that. They’re perfect for hanging artwork on the fridge – in fact, that’s where the idea came from. Alex’s art was taking over the fridge. I gave him three of these guys and told him the yellow one was for painting, the green one for coloring pictures, and the blue one for cutting/gluing projects. He can choose one to keep in his monster’s mouth, and the rest have to be put away for later. 

If you had multiple little artists, I could see this working out there too. Assign each kid a monster and they can choose which of their many artistic triumphs they’d like to display. 

Munchin' Magnet Monsters | Homan at Home

These take practically no time at all, but you could definitely up the monster game with decoration. I kept mine simple because I liked the design, but you could use markers, glitter, feathers, rhinestones, beads, or just about anything to dress these guys up and make them yours 🙂




small or medium sized wiggle eyes

hot glue

magnets or magnetic tape

Munchin’ Magnet Monsters, Step-by-Step

  1. Start by painting your clothespins all over using acrylic paint. Munchin' Magnet Monsters | Homan at Home
  2. Heat the glue gun while the clothespins dry. 
  3. Once your clothespins are dry, hot glue the wiggle eyes just about the little notch in the clothespin. Munchin' Magnet Monsters | Homan at Home
  4. Either hot glue a magnet or stick a strip of magnetic tape to the back of your clothespin. 
  5. For a simple one, that’s it. Otherwise, decorate to your heart’s content, then hang them up and let them munch on your coupons, reminders, and kid art!Munchin' Magnet Monsters | Homan at Home


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Munchin' Magnet Monsters | Homan at Home


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