Thankful Turkey Printable and Craft

This adorable thankful turkey kids craft comes with two free printable options. Just cut, color, and write a few things that you are thankful for!

Thankful Turkey

Keeping the focus on gratitude can be tough on Thanksgiving, but this little turkey is here to help you out. This easy craft needs just paper and glue. It’s simple enough for elementary school kids, which might make it the right choice for your child’s room party this Thanksgiving.

There are two printable options for you, so you can pick your craft difficulty. One is pre-colored (pictured below) and just needs to be cut and written on. The other is blank (pictured above) so your kids can color and create their own personalized turkeys. Both have lines on each feather to allow kiddos to write down the things that they are grateful for.

Thankful Turkey

What do I need to make a Thankful Turkey?

Paper or Cardstock: I made my thankful turkeys on cardstock since it’s a bit more sturdy than paper, but this craft will work with regular old computer paper. I know that’s a necessity if you’re planning to use these for a class party!

Printable Template: As mentioned above, there are two options here. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can choose the pre-colored one with red, yellow, and orange feathers, or the coloring page version.

Printable Pre-colored Thankful Turkey Template

Printable Coloring Page Thankful Turkey Template

Glue Stick: Glue sticks are perfect for this project! They don’t pucker the turkey like Elmer’s glue, and they’re easy to use for those little fingers!

Crayons, pencils, and pens: For both types of turkeys, you will need something to write with. For the coloring page turkey, you will need crayons or colors of some sort. Note: pens don’t like to write on top of crayon, so if you have a kiddo coloring with crayons, you’ll want either write the words on the feathers first, or do it with pencil.

How do I make a Thankful Turkey?

Thankful Turkey Instructions
Start by printing the templates above. Once you’ve got your template, you can either skip directly to cutting (precolored version), or let the kiddos color in their turkey and feathers.

Once you’ve gotten Mr. Gratitude Turkey and his feathers colored, you can cut everything out.

Either write down what your child says they are thankful for, or have the child write down their ideas on the feathers.

Place the feathers around the turkey before glueing. Some of the feathers have the line in a different place on the feather. This is to ensure that the writing is always facing up. Placing the feathers before glueing will help you know which feathers go where so.

Glue the feathers to the back of the turkey, and that’s it! You have a thankful turkey craft to put up on your wall!

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