DIY Candy Bouquet

July 13, 2019 Diane Homan
DIY Candy Bouquet | Homan at Home

This DIY candy bouquet was actually supposed to be a Father’s Day post, but seeing as how its July, I bet you can guess how well that went. What you’re looking at in the photos was Dustin’s Father’s Day gift, and it went over a whole lot better than my attempts to write this post!

Candy bouquets are super fun, because they are easy and endlessly customizable. Does your giftee like chocolate? Great! Skittles? Great! Weird candy from Romania? Great (as long as it comes in a wrapper)! The principle is the same no matter what you use. And of course you can mix and match. Dustin loves Reeses and Hershey’s Cookies ‘n Creme bars, so that’s what he got

DIY Candy Bouquet | Homan at Home

The other way you can mix things up is with your container. I used a standard sized mug, but you could use a flower pot, a pail, a bowl, a cup, or anything else you can stick styrofoam in.

DIY Candy Bouquet, Step-by-Step


  • container
  • styrofoam to fit container
  • bamboo skewers
  • candy
  • hot glue
  • tissue paper
  • ribbon


Start by sticking your styrofoam into your container. Walmart sells styrofoam that is specifically designed to fit into a mug, so that’s what I used. I wrapped a piece of tissue paper around my styrofoam block before sticking it in to kind of cover it up.

Then, use hot glue to stick your candy to the bamboo skewers.

Now, you get to play. Stick your skewers into the styrofoam and move them around until you get the composition you like. Feel free to cut off some of the skewers so that some of your pieces are shorter and taller.

When you have the composition you like, add extra pieces of tissue paper in to cover up whatever styrofoam is still sticking out.

Last but not least, add a ribbon or piece of twine around your container to finish it off!

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DIY Candy Bouquet | Homan at Home
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