Fluttering Butterfly Wristbands

Fluttering Butterfly Wristbands | Homan at Home

I’m super excited to share these fluttering butterfly wristbands with you today. This was a major hit with my kids, and it is the easiest thing in the world.

My daughter is deeply into bugs right now, and especially butterflies. I originally was going to make this a flappy bird, but she was adamant: it was bugs or nothing.

These wristbands are designed to go on a small wrist and allow the kiddo to flap his or her arms around and make the butterfly’s wings flap too. This is a really fun thing to do, apparently, as evidenced by my children:

Fluttering Butterfly Wristband | Homan at Home
Fluttering Butterfly Wristband | Homan at Home

These bugs have whizzed and whirled past windows and trees for quite a while the past few days. Pretty good for about 10 minutes worth of work!

Fluttering Butterfly Wristbands, Step-by-Step


  • butterfly printable
  • toilet paper tube or paper towel roll
  • elastic string
  • scissors
  • colors
  • glue
  • hole punch or needle


Start by printing off the butterfly printable. Allow the kids to color it, then cut it out.

Next, cut a 1″ round from the toilet paper tube. Make a cut in it to split it into a half-circle.

Use a hole punch or a needle to poke a hole in each side of the round. Thread the elastic string through and tie off. You want it tight enough the butterfly won’t fall off or roll over while it’s being played with, but lose enough the child can get it off.

Fluttering Butterfly Wristband | Homan at Home

Glue the butterfly to the top of the cardboard bracelet, slip it over a little wrist, and let them start fluttering!

Fluttering Butterfly Wristband | Homan at Home

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Fluttering Butterfly Wristband | Homan at Home
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