Leaf Printing

Leaf Printing

Not an artist? Not a problem! You can achieve a gorgeous watercolor effect with only leaves or flowers, cardstock, a paper towel, and a hammer. Leaf printing looks great on stationary and cards, and larger prints can even be used as room decor!

This is a project for older kids, since it involved a real-life hammer, but little ones do enjoy watching the magic as you peel the leaf back to reveal the print. At least, my little one sure does. The result is professional looking and elegant, but the process is simple!


  • cardstock
  • fresh leaves or flowers
  • hammer
  • paper towel

Leaf Printing, Step-by-Step

Collect your materials. I took my 8 month old on a nature walk and let him pick leaves for this project. He has a pretty good eye!


Next, take one of your leaves and place it over the cardstock. Cover the leaf with the paper towel.


Then comes the really awesome part. You get to hit the leaf repeatedly with the hammer. The more you smash your leaf, the darker the print will be.


Lift the paper towel, then peel the remains of the leaf off the cardstock.


Ta da! You have a leaf print!


I also tried this with a flower. The flower was juicier, so it only needed a few blows from the hammer. I love the look!



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