Mothers’ Day Beaded Bracelets

Mother's Day Beaded Bracelets | Homan at Home

With Mothers’ Day coming fast (tomorrow, folks!), I’m dropping these quick beaded bracelets here. This is a simple one, easy enough for toddlers even, and it makes a nice gift that Mom can wear with pride. I don’t know about you other mothers out there, but I do love getting little handmade things from my kids. They’re the kind of thing I put in the keepsake box. There’s a lot of love in the sloppy handprint projects, endless suncatchers, and yes, even in these bracelets.

Which is why these bracelets are a great gift. They’re fast, they’re simple, and they’re the kind of thing that will make both mom and the little ones proud.

My kids also get a kick out of giving me things I can wear to church on the day. They love to point out that their mommy is wearing the bracelet/necklace/etc that they made. And I kind of love seeing them show off.

Mother's Day Beaded Bracelets | Homan at Home

Mothers’ Day Beaded Bracelets Instructions


  • elastic string
  • pony beads
  • letter beads
  • scissors


Start by cutting a length of elastic string. You want it to be long enough to go around the wrist with a little stretch. Mine came out about 6 inches long.

Then, decide what message to put on the bracelet. Lay those beads out and string them onto the middle of the string.

Then, fill the string as much as needed with pony beads. When you have enough, tie elastic with an overhand knot and pull it extremely tight. Like, really extremely tight. Elastic is slippery, and anything less than a super tight knot will come undone.

And that’s it! Wrap up the gift, and give it to Mom/Grandma/Other Person You Wish to Honor!

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Mother's Day Beaded Bracelet | Homan at Home
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