Frog Paper Plate Maze

Get the “fly” in the frog’s mouth — this adorable paper plate maze will keep your kids busy on a rainy day!

Frog Paper Plate Maze | Homan at Home

This project will take you under 15 minutes, but if your kids are anything like mine, the fun will last for quite some time. The project is simple: straws allow you to bounce a “fly” (pompom) around the paper plate until you manage to roll it into the frog’s wide open mouth. You can make these as difficult or easy as you like.

We also found that you can leave the popsicle sticks off and let your kids hold the plate in both hands to make the game easier. My kids played with these on and off all afternoon, giving themselves a point each time they managed to get the fly into the frog’s mouth. It was one of those projects that takes very little from you, but gets big results!

Frog Paper Plate Maze | Homan at Home

What do I need?

Paper Plate: I used a very small one — it was left over from my daughter’s birthday, hence the pretty color. There’s no reason you need one of these. Any paper plate will work for this. The larger it is, the harder the game will be.

Frog Printable: You can print the cute little frog off here. He has a dotted circle in the center that you can cut out to provide the target.

Straws: Plastic or paper straws will work for this. I used what I had around, but if you want to be environmentally friendly, these straws* are extremely cute and cheap!

*Disclosure: this is an affiliate link. If you purchase something from this link, I will receive a portion of the profit. However, all opinions and recommendations are my own. I will only ever recommend something I love!

Popsicle Stick: Little hands might prefer a jumbo size. I used a regular size popsicle stick, which worked well for my 5 and 7 year olds. If you want to make the game even easier, omit the popsicle stick and let the kid manipulate the game with both hands.

Pompom: I used a very small black one because it rolled the best and looked like a fly. A bead or a marble would also work!

Glue Stick and Scissors

How do I make a Frog Paper Plate Maze?

Start by printing out and cutting out the frog. You can place him anywhere on the plate, so decide where you want him to go and glue him down with your glue stick.

Then, use the scissors to cut the straws down to size. I cut small, medium, and large pieces, then arranged them on the plate to make the maze.

Once you have the straw pieces the way you’d like, use the glue stick to glue them down. You’ll have to wait a minute or two to let them dry. Once they’re dry, you can use the maze like this, or you can add the popsicle stick.

The final step is to glue the popsicle stick to the bottom of the plate.

And that’s it! I hope your kids enjoy this project as much as mine did!

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Frog Paper Plate Maze | Homan at Home

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