Easy Fall Leaves Suncatcher


Wish you could capture the colors of fall? Well, wish no more because the answer is here, folks. Make a gorgeous fall leaves suncatcher and preserve the colors of the season. 

Seriously, though, this craft is so easy and kind of fun. You literally just choose some leaves, press them onto clear contact paper, and voila, you have a suncatcher. If your child can pick things up and press them down, they can make one of these. And unlike many kid crafts, these are actually very pretty hung up in your windows. Keep the kids busy and decorate for autumn? Check!

I should also mention this is one of the crafts my mother used to do with us. Who needs Pinterest when you have my mom?

  • Materials

  • leaves, sticks, grass, or reeds
  • clear contact paper
  • string (to hang)


Start by taking a nature walk. I took my little guy out in the stroller. His new habit is pointing at things and saying “Dis!” Every time he did that with a leaf, I’d pick it up, tell him it was a leaf, and add it to the stash. Seriously, everyone can participate in this craft!

Once you’ve gotten a good pile going, go home and get out the rest of your materials (contact paper, string, and scissors).

Suncatcher Leaves

Cut your contact paper to be twice the length you want your final product to be. You’re going to fold the paper over, so in the center, press your string. I used some pretty red yarn, but these look really cute with jute or baker’s twine. 

Suncatcher Leaves

Next step’s the fun part. Press your leaves onto the lower half of the contact paper. 

Suncatcher Leaves

Now fold the contact paper over and smooth it out. Tie up the string ends, and hang your fall masterpiece in a place of honor!

Suncatcher Leaves
So pretty with the sunlight shining through!
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