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Halloween Countdown | Homan at Home

Isn’t Halloween countdown the cutest idea ever? Give me a minute to brag, because I did not come up with this genius plan. This is all my 5 year old. He came up with both the idea and the execution of it. He’s my creative little guy.

Halloween countdown was not even on my radar when I came to pick the kids up from Grandma’s. When I got there, they kept trying to show me their halloween spiderwebs and got angry when I didn’t get what they were trying to tell me. Grandma had to explain. They had been making spiderwebs when Alex suggested that they write numbers on the web and move the spider so he could know how many days were left until Halloween (and his birthday, hence the little cake).

Grandma recognized the brilliance of this, and now we have two Halloween spiderweb countdowns hanging on the wall in the kitchen and two very excited kids who run in there every morning to move their spider.

Halloween Countdown | Homan at Home

Other than the fact that I’m really proud of my little guy for coming up with this, I think my favorite part is how simple this idea is. This is a piece of construction paper, a sharpie, and a spider ring. It’s easy enough for a kid with scissor skills to pull off. And, of course, there’s the added benefit that nobody has to ask you how long until Halloween!

Halloween Countdown, Step-by-Step


  • construction paper cut into a square
  • scissors
  • marker
  • spider ring


  1. Start by making the spider web. This tutorial is moves slowly and is easy to follow:

2. Starting from the center, write the numbers in a spiral around the web.

3. Add the spider ring to the appropriate day, then hang up your countdown.

4. Revel in the joy of always knowing just how far away Halloween is!

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Halloween Countdown | Homan at Home
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