Leaves and Seeds Halloween Art

Leaves and Seeds Halloween Art | Homan at Home

For years, my son would collect leaves on our walks. He would nestle them into the bottom of the stroller until they overflowed, and heaven forbid you try to remove them, even when he wasn’t looking. If you asked him why he was collecting them, he’d tell you “for my craft,” which he pronounced as “for my crap.” We never did make a craft with all of those leaves. I’m still not sure what craft we were even supposed to be making.

But this year, I atoned. We collected both leaves and Pinocchio noses and made a craft, or halloween art, as the kids are now calling it.

I grew up calling maple seeds Pinocchio noses. My kids also call them helicopter seeds. They’re all over our neighborhood. The only trick was finding ones that had that coveted bat shape. So many of them break when they hit the sidewalk.

Photo courtesy of Northern Arizona University

For leaves, we looked for all the different shapes we could find — oval, maple, round, etc. The kids had a blast finding different shapes and sizes.

Leaves and Seeds Halloween Art, Step-by-Step


  • leaves
  • maple seeds
  • acrylic paint in black and white
  • small wiggle eyes
  • hot glue
  • glue sticks
  • foil stars
  • construction paper in yellow, background color, and black


Once we got our haul home, we pulled out the seeds and painted them black, purple, and blue for bats. The leaves got painted white.

While we waited for them to dry, we cut out a circle from yellow paper and glued it to our background. Then, when the leaves and seeds were ready, we added them to the paper. We tried Elmer’s glue first, but ended up using hot glue to keep the seeds attached to the paper.

Once we got the bats and ghosts in place, we added googly eyes to the bats and cut small black ovals from construction paper to make the ghosts’ eyes and mouths.

Our last step was to add some foil stars for good measure, and then pose with our creations.

Leaves and Seeds Halloween Art | Homan at Home
Look at that cheesy grin!
Leaves and Seeds Halloween Art | Homan at Home
Halloween is scary!

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Leaves and Seeds Halloween Art | Homan at Home
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