Q-Tip Indian Corn

Q-Tip Indian Corn | Homan at Home

This craft is practically a no-brainer from a mom’s perspective. It’s literally just cutting, supervising, and gluing. And if my kid is any indication, it’s a blast from the kid’s perspective. Very little work from me, tons of fun for Alex. I’ll call this a win 🙂

This Indian corn project uses a Q-tip as a paintbrush, which I really need to sing the praises of. Those things are cheap, they come in packs of approximately 10000000, and they can be used for regular painting as well as the dot paint technique used in this project. This is my go-to right now for painting with Alex, especially since he has enough control to paint letters. We’ve gotten as far as “A”…

Q-Tip Indian Corn | Homan at Home


yellow paper

green paper

cutting template


paints in several colors


Indian Corn, Step-by-Step

Start by tracing your template onto the green and yellow paper. 

Q-Tip Indian Corn | Homan at Home

Next, cut out your pieces (you’ll need to do two of the green ones). Set the green pieces aside, and get the painting ready. Then, use Q-tips to dot different colors around the yellow corn piece. Real life Indian corn comes in tons of different colors, so don’t be shy!

Q-Tip Indian Corn | Homan at Home

Let the corn dry, then glue the two green pieces to the bottom to form the ears. That’s it! 

Q-Tip Indian Corn | Homan at Home

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Q-Tip Indian Corn

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