Beaded Heart Valentines

Beaded heart Valentines | Homan at Home

I love how everything 90s is back in. My middle school students are unironically sporting acid wash jeans and scrunchies, and talking Pokemon and messing around with Rubix cubes and finger boards. Brooklyn 99 even brought Backstreet back for many of these guys, and it’s just making me slightly nostalgic. 

One of the things I absolutely loved back then was making beaded creatures. I was pro at this, even creating my own designs. They did not make a beaded pattern I could not follow. My parents probably spent a small fortune in pony beads and ribbon during my formative years. 

Beaded Heart Valentines| Homan at Home

So when I ended up alone with some beads and ribbon the other day, these little hearts are what happened. Oh yeah. Still got it đŸ™‚

I like this project not only because it reminds of the glory days of elementary school, but because these work up in minutes. This would be an easy project to mass produce, and it’s a fun one to give to friends. I can definitively say that middle schoolers in this area love having beaded keychains, and since my little ones liked them too, I’m going to call this a good gift for all ages (except obviously for the ones who are little enough to choke). 

Beaded Heart Valentines| Homan at Home

Beaded Heart Valentines, Step-by-Step



Start by threading a single bead onto the ribbon. Position it in the center of the ribbon. 

Beaded Heart Valentines | Homan at Home

Next, thread three beads onto one side of the ribbon. 

Beaded Heart Valentines | Homan at Home

Now, take the other side of the ribbon, the one with out beads and thread it in the opposite direction through the beads. 

Beaded Heart Valentines | Homan at Home

Pull the two ends of the ribbons so that the three beads sit neatly on top of the single bead.

Beaded Heart Valentines | Homan at Home

Do the same thing to make a row with five beads. 

Beaded Heart Valentines | Homan at Home

Now comes the tricky part. On one side of the ribbon, thread three beads. Push the beads all the way down the ribbon until they sit close to the 5 bead row. 

Then, take the same side of the ribbon and pass it through the middle bead of the 5 bead row like in the picture below: 

Pull the ribbon taught. The beads will bunch up on the one side making one of the curves of the heart. 

Beaded Heart Valentines | Homan at Home

You’re going to do the same thing on the other side, threading three bead onto the other ribbon length, threading the end through the middle bead, and pulling taught. 

Beaded Heart Valentines | Homan at Home

The last step is to use your ribbon ends to tie a keychain on. I put a cute little ribbon bow, and if you’re giving these as gifts, feel free to print one of these gift tags, hole punch them, and tie them on using the thread ends. 

And that’s it! Once you get the technique down, you’ll be tossing these out like candy!

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Beaded Heart Valentines | Homan at Home






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