“Who Loves You?” Monster Cards

"Who Loves You?" Monster Card | Homan at Home

I love how these little monsters came out! It was a long road to get here, but I feel like I finally came up with a craft that works and is darn cute into the bargain. 

So I started by trying to make a card with long arms that could cover up a piece of candy. Turns out, if the arms are large enough to cover candy, they’re too big to fit on a regular sheet of paper. I tried a bunch of different designs, and finally gave up on the candy, although I might give it another shot in the future. Instead, I went with little pictures, and that fixed everything. 

All these monsters take is a piece of cardstock, the printed template, a small picture, and a little coloring.

You can get the template by clicking on the picture below or the link above.

"Who Loves You?" Monster Card | Homan at Home

You can get two monsters per piece of cardstock – and definitely use cardstock. Computer paper is far too flimsy. Once your monsters are printed, go ahead and color them, then glue a small picture on the belly. I cut mine into a circle because I thought it looked cute. 

"Who Loves You?" Monster Card | Homan at Home

The last part is the arms. They get put on with brads so that they can swing in and out, then you simply position them to cover the picture.

"Who Loves You?" Monster Card | Homan at Home

And that’s it! Closed:

"Who Loves You?" Monster Card | Homan at Home


"Who Loves You?" Monster Card | Homan at Home

These would be perfect for Mothers or Fathers day, or for giving to grandmas and grandpas. Super cute, right?

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"Who Loves You?" Monster Cards | Homan at Home

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