St. Patrick’s Day Mad Libs

Get ready for the holiday with these two adorable mad libs stories. Add your own words to find out how a leprechaun finds her luck and what waits at the end of the rainbow!

St. Patrick's Day Mad Libs | Homan at Home

My kids love mad libs. They’re 4 and 6 right now, and every silly or unexpected word sends them into gales of laughter. I guess they really are my kids — I remember discovering mad libs in 5th grade. Our computer teacher had a mad libs game installed on all the computers, and that’s where you could always find me. Within the first month, I had done all of the stories.

My kiddos would probably do the same, except for the fact that they can’t type or spell. We do this together, Mom writing down the silly ideas, and the kids fighting over who gets to give me the next noun or adjective. When we first started, I had to describe the grammar words for them (a noun is a person, place, or thing, like dog or park or pajamas). It didn’t take my 6 year old long to cotton on, and he no longer needs the explanation. The 4 year old still struggles with grammar terms, but she’s great at giving me a describing word, a thing word, or an action word.

For those who have never had the pleasure of playing mad libs, the idea is simple. You can print out the stories, which are missing words, indicated by a blank. Under the blank is the type of word you need to fill in to complete the story. You ask someone who has not read the story to give you words, which you write down. Then, you read the story with the words filled in, resulting in hilarity and silliness. At least, that’s the idea.

If you love these ones, here are six more that you can print for free from our friends over at Woo Jr. I only created my own because we had done all of theirs. I also have a St. Patrick’s Day word search that my kids love as well — never too early to work on pattern recognition!

Free Printable Mad Libs Stories

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St. Patrick's Day Mad Libs | Homan at Home
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