St Patrick’s Day Word Search

St Patrick's Day Word Search | Homan at Home

St Patrick’s Day is on it’s way, and I’m feeling pretty high speed because this year I remembered it. It’s just one of those holidays I tend to forget about.  I’m not Irish, I don’t drink, and if anyone ever tried to pinch me for any reason, that would be the last time that happened, so I just tend to forget that there’s a holiday that celebrates all these things.

But leprechauns and rainbows and pots of gold are fun, and all of that is included in this cute little word search from As the worksheet description says:  ” A friendly leprechaun is here to help you with spelling practice! Be sure to check out for more fun learning activities.” And who doesn’t want spelling help from a leprechaun? That’s what I thought. 

All you have to do to join in the fun is print off this free printable and start circling. There’s an answer key as well, just in case you can’t find that one last word that just HAS to be in there. 

Thanks again to for sharing such a fun activity with us (and for reminding me of the fun parts of St Patrick’s Day)! 

St Patrick’s Day Word Search Printable

Answer Key

Don’t forget to pin!

St. Patrick's Day Word Search | Homan at Home

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