No Sew Nativity Soda Bottle Cover

No Sew Nativity Soda Bottle Cover | Homan at Home

This concludes this year’s installment of no sew soda bottle covers. This nativity design is a little different from the rest – santas, reindeer, trees, snowmen. 2017 has pushed me back to thinking more about the service/love side of Christmas. Normally, I focus on all the “fun” stuff – which is not bad, and is a lot of, well, fun – but this year, I’ve done posts that try to center service, family, and faith

Which is why I went with a babe in a manger. I’m still not sure about slipping him over a soda bottle, but the point of the soda bottle covers is a cute way to gift a family night to someone else. I like the idea of that little family in the stable as an example of love and togetherness, and so here we are. 

If you’ve read any of the other bottle cover posts, you know that the soda bottle is meant to be paired with a packet of popcorn, and a Redbox code (which you can write on this card), so that families can enjoy some time together, making memories and enjoying each other’s company.


blue felt

yellow felt

brown felt

white felt

skin tone (pink, peach, brown, etc) felt

hot glue

nativity bottle cover cutting template

base bottom cutting template

base top cutting template

red and black markers

Nativity Soda Bottle Cover, Step-by-Step

Start by printing out all of the cutting templates. The base and top are meant to be taped together along the dotted lines.

You’ll use these pieces to trace and cut from the felt.

Here’s your cutting cheat sheet:

  • manger legs – 2 from brown 
  • hair – brown (fringe one short end)
  • star – yellow
  • hay – yellow (fringe all around)
  • swaddling clothes – white
  • face – skin tone
  • base – 2 from blue

You’ll notice that I added some detail to the swaddling clothes and face. I used my black marker to make some creases on the bumps in the swaddling clothes. I gave the baby a closed eye with the black marker, and a mouth with the red one.

Once you’ve gotten everything cut, heat up your glue gun because we’re going to put it all together!

Begin with the two blue base pieces. You’re going to glue them together along the edges to form a cone.

No Sew Nativity Soda Bottle Cover | Homan at Home

 Next, lay all your pieces on the felt just the way they will be glued. This will help you figure out the spacing, which can be kind of difficult because of all the layers. 

No Sew Nativity Soda Bottle Cover | Homan at Home

On the bottom, you have the baby’s face and the manger legs, so once you’ve gotten it all laid out to your liking, take everything except the face, hair, and legs off. Glue the face, hair, and legs down like so:

No Sew Nativity Soda Bottle Cover | Homan at Home

Next comes the swaddling clothes. I use the face to position it, then glue it down.

No Sew Nativity Soda Bottle Cover | Homan at Home

And last comes the hay. 

No Sew Nativity Soda Bottle Cover | Homan at Home

Once your baby is glued, all that remains is the star. Hot glue it to the front top.

No Sew Nativity Soda Bottle Cover | Homan at Home

And that’s it! Slip it over a bottle, pair it with its popcorn, and give the gift of togetherness to someone you care about!No Sew Nativity Soda Bottle Cover | Homan at Home

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No Sew Nativity Soda Bottle Cover | Homan at Home

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