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Christmas Candle Advent

November 29, 2017 Diane Homan

Christmas Candle Advent | Homan at Home

This is my last advent calendar for this year, I promise. I just love all the different ways there are to get excited for Christmas. And maybe I’m making up for the lost year last year, because I basically found no joy in anything at 9 months pregnant with a rambunctious toddler. 

Anyway, this advent is a little more religious. For those who don’t know, I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (yep, that’s the Mormons). This is an advent my family was gifted years and years ago by a lady from the church. She handed us a scroll and a candle with markings on it as our Christmas gift that year. I remember sitting at the kitchen table while Dad lit the candle and listening to him read while watching the flame. I mostly remember the way it felt – the family all together, sitting in the gentle glow of the candle, listening to Dad read the well-known words. It was peaceful, and that’s the gift I’d like to give you this Christmas. 

The advent is simple – you just burn the candle to the mark each night to countdown to the big day. The scroll contains a list of scriptures that you read while the candle burns. The scriptures come from the Bible, and are designed to help you and your family focus on the attributes of Jesus Christ. 

This could also be done without the scripture readings, if you’re less religious. I’ve known friends who do something similar, only they talk quietly as a family – no phones, no work, no homework – while the candle burns. That sounds pretty lovely too.

How to make a candle advent

The candle is just the simple taper you can buy at Walmart (they’re only a dollar!). I then used a fine-tipped paint pen to make markings all down the candle. They’re at roughly 1 cm (1/3″), but I eyeballed it, because trying to get the candle to line up with a ruler is extremely difficult – at least for me. 

The scroll is simply this printout, rolled up. The original gift that we got as kids had the edges burnt to look like a scroll, so you could try that if you want to. I have this awesome fear of fire and matches, so I did not do that. I still think it would look cool, though.

And that’s it. This is a project that takes only a few minutes, and costs you about a dollar (I guess a little more if you have to buy the paint pen). It also makes a gorgeous gift – who wouldn’t want the gift of a few minutes of peace each night?

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Christmas Candle Advent | Homan at Home

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