Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar

Random Acts of Kindness Advent | Homan at Home

So last week I put up my Christmas tradition ideal for this year – a month’s worth of service in our home with a cute little angel printable to top it off. This week, I figured we could do both inside and out of the home with a random acts of kindness printable advent. 

This is about as simple as they come. Each link in the paper chain has a RACK idea written on it. For each day until Christmas, you unlink a piece, read the act, and take the action the next day. I’m envisioning a family reporting session each night before you unlink the next piece.

I tried to put together a set of random acts that wouldn’t hit the pocketbook too hard. I know our family’s on a pretty tight budget, and I figure there have to be a few more of us out there. A few of the RACKs do take money, but it’s not a lot (leave coins at a laundromat, for instance). Most just take your time or your effort, as in complimenting friends or letting folks go ahead of you in line. 

Random Acts of Kindness Advent | Homan at Home

Anyway, if you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to help remind yourself and your family about where your focus should be this Christmastide, you might give this one a chance. 


There are four pages. Please print all of them.

RACK Advent pg 1

RACK Advent pg 2

RACK Advent pg 3

RACK Advent pg 4

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Random Acts of Kindness Advent | Homan at Home


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