Car Survival Kit

A perfect gift for moms and dads alike, this car survival kit has everything you need to be comfortable while far from home.

Car Survival Kit | Homan at Home

Many, many years ago, I received one of these car kits for Christmas. It’s been residing in my glove box ever since, and has come to our rescue a fair few times. Fell and scraped your knee at the splash pad? I’ve got bandaids and alcohol wipes. Sniffly nose? No worries — Have a tissue. Trash and no place to throw it out? Plastic bags to the rescue!

These gifts are easy to assemble, low-cost, and super practical. The adorable free printable is perfectly sized for a sandwich Ziploc bag. I love mine, and I’m sure that whoever the recipient is, they will love theirs!

What do I need for a car survival kit?

Bandaids: This has been the most used part of a my kit. I like to have a variety of sizes available — after all, a paper cut on the pinky needs something different than a giant knee scrap!

Alcohol Wipes: I like these because they are flat and easy to pack into a small space. Feel free to switch with a tube of Neosporin or your favorite antiseptic.

Plastic Bags: Just your regular old bags from the grocery store. I’ve used them to hold trash, candy we didn’t realize we’d get at an event, and wet clothing.

Tissues: A small personal tissue pack for all the wiping that may come up!

Hard Candy: I like to keep a few Jolly Ranchers in here. I’ve used them exactly once, when a friend was having a diabetic incident. We were glad to have them around.

Hand Sanitizer: This one is a relatively new addition, and I’m sure you can guess why. A small bottle of hand sanitizer comes in clutch, especially when using rest stops!

Ziploc Sandwich Bag

Free Survival Kit Printable: There are 5 printable designs — one for mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa, and then a generic one for everyone else!

How do I make a car survival kit?

Gather all your supplies.

Start by rolling up the plastic bags so that they fit into one half of the Ziploc.

Slide them in, then add the tissues to the other side.

In the back of the Ziploc, add the bandaids, alcohol wipes, candy, and sanitizer.

Zip your Ziploc closed.

Cut out the printable, then use a piece of packing tape to tape it to the front of the bag.

You’re done! Your car survival kit is ready to gift!

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Car Survival Kit | Homan at Home
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