25+ Patriotic and Easy 4th of July Crafts for Kids

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best kids crafts for the 4th of July! With more than 25 patriotic crafts for kids, we’ve got ideas for creating festive decorations, fun projects, and activities to celebrate Independence Day with your whole family!

These crafts are simple, with options for a variety of skill levels. Crafting is a fantastic way to build fine motor skills and memories while celebrating the history of our country. 

Stars and Stripes Forever

If you’re looking for red, white, and blue 4th of July crafts for kids, you’re in the right place. These crafts include American flags, stars and stripes, and just plain old fun!

Salad Spinner Art

by The Best Ideas for Kids

This easy craft is a fun way for little hands to create a vibrant and festive work of art for the 4th of July celebration. Using simple craft supplies like acrylic paint and cardstock , kids of all ages can spin their way to patriotic decorations!

Patriotic Painted Rocks

by Creatively Beth

Turn ordinary rocks into a star-spangled celebration with this fun fourth of July craft! Kids can create adorable patriotic crafts that are perfect for decorating the garden or giving as gifts. 

Star Placemat Craft

by Rainy Day Mum

Using construction paper, star cookie cutters, glitter and glue, little kids can create their own placemats for a festive 4th!

4th of July Spinners | Homan at Home

Red, White, and Blue Spinners

by Homan at Home

Using a piece of cardboard and markers, kids can create their own red, white, and blue spinners. Keep them spinning for tons of fun during your Independence Day celebration!

4th of July DIY Paper Fans

by Red Ted Art

Stay cool and show your patriotic spirit with these easy 4th of July crafts. With just some construction paper and a few folds, kids can create their own paper fans decorated with stars and stripes.

4th of July Matching Game

by Homemade Heather

This patriotic game will keep little ones busy while you get going on those hamburgers! Use the free printable for effortless fun.

Handprint Flag Craft

by Simply Full of Delight

Create a memorable and personalized art project with this toddler-friendly project. Using paint and a piece of construction paper, little hands can make their own handprint flag.

Flag Door Hanger | Homan at Home

Flag Door Hanger

by Homan at Home

Paper, yarn, and sticky stars are all you need to make an American flag decoration for the 4th!

American Symbols

Bald eagles, Uncle Sam, and the Statue of Liberty are iconic symbols. Help your child learn about our national heritage through these patriotic 4th of July crafts for kids!

Statue of Liberty Craft

by Simple Everyday Mom

Let the kids make Lady Liberty using popsicle sticks and a free printable. Pair this with a reading of Emma Lazarus’ “The New Colossus” for older kids!

Bald Eagle Printable Craft

by Glue Sticks and Gumdrops

With a printable template and some construction paper, kids of all ages can create their own bald eagle! Check out this video for some fun facts about bald eagles and their history in America.

Wooden Spoon Bald Eagles

by Single Girls DIY

Transform ordinary wooden spoons into majestic bald eagles with this fun craft. This is a dollar store DIY that’s so much fun!

Handprint Eagle Craft

by Simple Everyday Mom

Little hands make perfect eagle wings in this super easy craft!

Uncle Sam Paper Plate Craft

by Glue Sticks and Gumdrops

Create the old man himself using paper plates and felt. If you’re interested in the history of where Uncle Sam came from, you can pair your craft with this short video!

Uncle Sam Handprint Craft

by Single Girls DIY

Use your child’s handprint to make Uncle Sam’s beard in this simple crafts with a free printable!

Uncle Sam Hat Headband

by Simply Full of Delight

Turn your kiddo into Uncle Same with this free printable!


What would a 4th of July celebration be without fireworks? These crafts are a simple way to bring the fun, no noise or fire required!

Firecracker Centerpieces | Homan at Home

Firecracker Toilet Paper Tube Craft

by Homan at Home

Transform toilet paper rolls into festive firecrackers with this fun Fourth of July craft.

Shaving Cream Fireworks

by Fox Farm Home

This sensory play activity uses shaving cream and vibrant paint to create a festive work of art resembling fireworks!

Fork Painted Fireworks

by Little Ladoo

This simple firework craft uses forks and acrylic paint to create vibrant colors that mimic fireworks.

Paper Firecrackers

by Two Kids and a Coupon

These adorable patriotic crafts use construction paper to create firecrackers.

Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks

by In the Playroom

Create stunning fireworks with this easy 4th of July craft using toilet paper rolls. This fun craft is a great way for little kids to develop fine motor skills and add a patriotic touch to your Fourth of July decorations.

Paper Plate Firework Lacing

by A Little Pinch of Perfect

Enhance fine motor skills with this fun fourth of July craft that uses paper plates and small holes for lacing yarn. It’s a simple way for kids to create their own fireworks display!

Fireworks Name Craft

by Simple Everyday Mom

Personalize your Fourth of July celebration with this fireworks name craft.

Paper Sparklers

by Barley and Birch

These paper sparklers are a fun way to enjoy the Fourth of July without any fire hazards. Made with cardstock and glitter they are an easy craft that kids of all ages can enjoy, perfect for a festive Fourth of July parade or party.

Coffee Filter Fireworks

by Creatively Beth

Using coffee filters and acrylic paint, kids can create beautiful fireworks art projects.

Firework Handprint Craft

by A Little Pinch of Perfect

Create a memorable keepsake with this firework handprint craft using paint and a piece of construction paper.

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