Dropping In to Say “I Love You” Bookmark

These simple and adorable bookmark is the perfect gift for moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas!

Dropping In to Say "I Love You!" Bookmark | Homan at Home

Mother’s Day is around the corner, with Father’s Day coming in quick after, and these adorable bookmarks are a simple and meaningful way to celebrate. They require very little beyond access to a printer, but the result is cute, fun, and useful.

I enjoy gifts from the kids that they can see me use. They are so proud when they see their little bookmarks hanging out of my book, and I love that. It’s also nice to know where I left off, too.

What do I need?

Camera: You’ll need to be able to take a picture of your child, then print it off later. There’s no need for a fancy DSLR with all the fixings — your cell phone will do the job just fine!


Cardstock: Since you’ll be using contact paper to laminate these, you can get away with using regular paper if you need it. I like cardstock because the bookmark is a little more stiff and will last a little while longer.

Clear contact paper: This is a backbone of crafting at my home. It makes my kids cute projects a little more durable, and very importantly around our house, waterproof.

Thread or yarn: I used cross-stitch thread in the examples, but feel free to use whatever string you have!

Hole punch or yarn needle: You’ll need one of these to punch neatly through the paper so that you can thread the string through.

How do I make this bookmark?

Start by taking a picture of your child with their arms held over their heads and clasped together. The idea is that they should look like they’re holding onto a balloon that’s lifting them up.

Print the picture on cardstock, then cut around the child.

Cut a piece of contact paper and remove the backing. Press the image of your child onto the sticky side of the contact paper, then either fold the paper over to cover the back, or cover with another piece of contact paper. Smooth out any wrinkles.

Cut the image out again, leaving a small margin of clear contact paper around the edge.

Using either the hole punch or the yarn needle, punch through the image where your child’s hands clasped. Tie the thread or yarn through, leaving a tail at the top. Trim the tail evenly.

Wrap that bookmark up and give it to your child’s loved one!

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Dropping In to Say "I Love You" Bookmark | Homan at Home
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