12 Days of Christmas Activities

12 Days of Christmas Activities | Homan at Home

Yes, I know I’m late posting this. I was trying to get it out by December 12, because if you want to do a 12 day countdown to Christmas, that’s when you should be starting. But we moved houses, and the printer didn’t get set up, and the kids were sick, and so on and so forth. So here we are, on the 19th of December, and I’m just getting around to posting something I made back in November. Sounds about right, huh?

Anyway, even if I didn’t get it posted, my kids and I have been having fun working our way through the activities on here. When I made this, I was envisioning activities kids both big and small could enjoy, and that would be free or extremely low-cost. This time of year is not the easiest on the wallet for most of us, so I wanted ways to enjoy the season with my kids without having to worry about money. 

12 Days of Christmas Activities | Homan at Home

I actually had a box with the supplies for the various activities inside, and each day the kids have picked something. Today, for instance, we made these cute candy cane ornaments. At the beginning of the month, I put beads and pipe cleaners in a baggie, so when Alex picked the ornament activity today, I just pulled it out, and voila! Instant Christmas memories 🙂

By now you’re probably wondering what the activities are, so here’s the list along with links to the instructions for the various crafts. 


  1. Visit Santa
  2. Make an ornament
  3. Color a picture and send it to a loved one
  4. Check out Christmas books from the library
  5. Make a wreath
  6. Make a bird feeder and hang in the yard
  7. Make Christmas cookies
  8. Take pictures by the tree
  9. Drive around and see the lights
  10. Make snowflakes for the windows
  11. Pop popcorn and watch a Christmas movie
  12. Read the Christmas story (or your favorite Christmas story)


Click on the image below for a full-sized printable pdf. 

12 Days of Christmas Activities| Homan at Home

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12 Days of Christmas Activities | Homan at Home



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