10 DIY Mothers Day Gifts for Kids

Mothers Day Gifts Kids Can Make |Homan at Home

Mothers day is coming – are you ready? Another question: Are your kids ready? 

If not, why not check out some of these great ideas from around the web? I found some favorite crafts that would make great gifts for moms (like, you actually might enjoy receiving these!). I also tried to find ideas that would be cheap and make use of things you’d probably already have around so your kids can feel independent, or, if you have a non-crafty husband like mine, he can feel confident helping out! 

1. Gumdrop Cookie Flowers 

This is an old favorite in my family. Don’t feel like you have to stick with butter cookies and gumdrops either. This works with just about any flower shaped cookie. I personally will be receiving a bouquet made of Keeblers Fudge Stripes cookies with Rolos taking the place of gumdrops. My husband knows what I like 🙂

Gumdrop Cookie Flowers | Homan at Home


2. Helping Hand Oven Mitts

These oven mitts from By Trish Sutton are just too, too cute. It’s the perfect way to save those tiny handprints – and they’re useful too! (Photo courtesy of trishsutton.com).

Mothers Day Gifts for Kids to Make | Homan at Home


3. Saltdough Thumbprint Heart

Speaking of saving cute handprints – check out these hearts! They make great keychains or necklaces. I did this project with my 4 month old last year, so I mean it when I say any kid can do this (of course, if they’re really little, they’ll definitely need some help!).

Mothers Day Gifts Kids Can Make | Homan at Home


4. Sugar Scrub

This is a Mothers Day staple and for good reason. There are so many recipes out there, but this one from Reasons to Skip the Housework is one of my favorites. The raspberry and lemon scents are soooo good! (Photo courtesy of Reasons to Skip the Housework).

Mothers Day Gifts Kids Can Make | Homan at Home


5. Mug Cakes in a Jar

These single-serving desserts take practically no work for mom, and she doesn’t have to share! There are chocolate and cinnamon flavor recipes, along with preparation instructions printables. Super cute!

Mug Cakes in a Jar | Homan at Home


6. Popsicle Stick Frames

Use washi tape or paint to make these adorable frames from Eighteen25. It’s simple, and these ladies have provided you with two options to chose from! (Photo courtesy of Eighteen25).

Mothers Day Gifts Kids Can Make | Homan at Home


7. Clothespin Chip Clips

This one was one of my mother’s favorites. She really used these, and needed more just about every year. I love this craft because it’s one of those ones where it can be super simple, or you can dress it up and make it super fancy!

Chip Clips


8. Photo Bookmarks

There are tons of versions of this easy and cute project, but I loved Kate over at Nearly Crafty’s take on it. The pose with the tassel just kills me every time! (Photo courtesy of Nearly Crafty). 

Mothers Day Gifts Kids Can Make | Homan at Home


9. Painted Jar Vases

This tutorial uses baby food jars for the project, but you really could use any jars at all to make fun and unique vases. Your kids could even fill them with wildflowers for an extra spring-y look!

Painted Jar Vases


10. MoMs are the Sweetest M&M Wrappers

These adorable (and free!) printable M&M wrappers make for a delicious and sweet treat. You’ve got Kinzie over at Kinzie’s Creations to thank for this fun idea! (Photo courtesy of Kinzie’s Creations). 

M&M MoMs

And here’s a nice Pinterest-sized image in case you want to pin these ideas!

Mothers Day Gifts Kids Can Make | Homan at Home

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