Easter Foam Pencil Toppers

Easter Foam Pencil Toppers | Homan at Home

I love spring crafts – the pastel colors, the cute little chicks and lambs and bunnies – everything about them! A while ago, I did these foam ocean animal pencil toppers and my son loved them. He doesn’t know how to write yet, but he used them more like puppets, and loved them literally to death (fun foam can only take so much!). 

Anyway, I knew this year I wanted to try my hand at designing some Easter-themed pencil toppers. I’m feeling pretty happy about how they came out – most especially the lamb. I’m not the best at Adobe Illustrator, and I nearly gave up on that fluffy little guy, but I’m glad he came out so cute. 

And of course, Alex has adopted these as his own personal puppet troop. I am a little disappointed though – he thinks the chick is a duck. I’m really not sure how to differentiate the two. Anyone got any ideas? 

Easter Foam Pencil Toppers | Homan at Home


  • fun foam sheets
  • pencils
  • templates
  • Elmer’s glue
  • small wiggle eyes
  • scissors
  • pen or pencil

Pencil Toppers, Step-by-step

Collect your materials. Here’s a handy dandy picture to help:

Easter Foam Pencil Toppers | Homan at Home

Start by printing the free templates here. There’s one of each design – a sheep, a chick, a bunny, and an Easter egg. Cut out your template, then trace around it on the fun foam. 

Easter Foam Pencil Toppers | Homan at Home

Next, cut out your topper. Fold the topper in half along the center and make two scissor snips about 1″ apart. This is where the pencil will go.

Easter Foam Pencil Toppers | Homan at Home

Next, decorate! You can do literally anything you want here. Use snippets of fun foam to add interest, or draw with a pen or Sharpie (regular markers will bleed and ruin your design, so definitely go with a Sharpie here). Once you’re finished, slide the pencil through the snips and you have your own special pencil topper!
Easter Foam Pencil Toppers | Homan at Home

A Note about the Lamb

If you want the two-toned look on the lamb, here’s how I got it. I started by tracing and cutting the lamb template on black fun foam. 

Easter Foam Pencil Toppers | Homan at Home

I then traced just the back of the lamb onto another piece of white foam. I actually free handed with the scissors the side nearest the face to give it that fluffy look. I glued the white on top of the black to get this:

Easter Foam Pencil Toppers | Homan at Home

Making the snips through two layers of foam is actually kind of difficult. If I had it to do over, I think I would snip one layer, then glue the second one on. Once it was dry, I’d snip the second layer to match. That seems easier. I have to say, the lamb is my favorite, so even though he’s a bit more difficult, I think he’s worth it!

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Don’t forget to pin!

Easter Foam Pencil Toppers | Homan at Home






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