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15 DIY Gifts for $5 or Less

December 7, 2015 Diane Homan


Right now the Homan family finances are tighter than we’re used to. When we got married, we had two incomes. Now, we have one part-time income and my husband’s in school. Also, we have a baby. Lots of transitions happened in the last year – most of them pretty happy. All of them have had an impact on our budget. 

Where am I going with this? Well, just because money’s tight, doesn’t mean you can’t give gifts that people enjoy. That’s why I’ve scoured Pinterest looking for cheap, DIY gifts that aren’t completely lame. 

1. Photo Board from Shanty 2 Chic

(she actually has a $10 and $15 presents, but I really like the $5 one best!)

15 DIY Gifts for $5 or Less

2. DIY Burned Wooden Kitchen Spoons from Cherished Bliss

This idea is so simple and elegant! You could also use paint or sharpie if you don’t have a wood burning kit just lying around. 

15 DIY Gifts for $5 or Less

3. Homemade Juggling Balls/Hackysacks from Homan at Home

Provides hours of fun for only a few dollars!

15 DIY Gifts for $5 or Less

4. DIY Texting Gloves from Snap Creativity

Some people are endlessly creative! These gloves are not only cute, but super useful.

15 DIY Gifts for $5 or Less

5.DIY Handwarmers from Rae Ann Kelly

These are originally supposed to be Valentines gifts, but who doesn’t need warmer hands in December?

15 DIY Gifts for $5 or Less

6. Mug Cakes in Jar from Homan at Home

Features cinnamon spice and chocolate versions.

15 DIY Gifts for $5 or Less

7.  Paper Clip Earrings from Sunny Vanilla

The color possibilities are endless with these!

15 DIY Gifts for $5 or Less

8. Dollar Store Tray to Beautiful Centerpiece from Tried and True

Don’t you just love when some clever person figures out how to make the garish timeless? So cheap, and so cute!

15 DIY Gifts for $5 or Less

9. Cake Stand Kitchen Organizer from Liz Marie Blog

I actually received one of these a few years ago. It is adorable and sits right by my sink. It keeps things so much cleaner!

15 DIY Gifts for $5 or Less

10. Rice Heating Pad from Homan at Home

These are perfect for aches, pains, or just plain relaxation.

15 DIY Gifts for $5 or Less

11. Chalkboard Coasters from Honey Bear Lane

Make a set for a few dollars! These looks really professional, but they’re super easy to make. 

15 DIY Gifts for $5 or Less

12. DIY iPad Case from Oh So Lovely

Basic sewing skills required, but super practical and super cute!

15 DIY Gifts for $5 or Less

13. Kitchen Chalkboard Made from Clipboard from Anderson + Grant

This is another craft I was gifted a few years ago. I use mine all the time!

15 DIY Gifts for $5 or Less

14. Recipe Plate from Josie Jones & Co

You could use just about any dish for this – I received a pie pan with an apple pie recipe on it for my wedding. 

15 DIY Gifts for $5 or Less

15. Rose Water (or Rose Sugar Scrub) from Homan at Home

Used for anything from beauty to cooking, this delicately scented and flavored DIY is a unique gift.

15 DIY Gifts for $5 or Less

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Homan at Home

[…] 15 DIY Gifts for $5  or Less […]

Homan at Home

[…] 15 DIY Gifts for $5 or Less […]

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